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Award winning healthy ice cream

These unique recipe ice creams are not just extremely indulgent, but at the same time all natural, gluten free and sugar free. Now also in a vegan range. The brand has won several international innovation distinctions.

The professional partner for your restaurant or gelateria

All you need for your gelateria: premium ice cream, coffee, hot chocolate, desserts and more.

A healthy and luxurious indulgence

All our truffles are vegan, sugar free and gluten free but most certainly not free from tempation. A new luxury experience in a healthy version!



11   /   05   /   2018

Corte Diletto has received an IFS certificate: the highest quality standard in the food industry.


24   /   10   /   2017

Coppa della Maga Matcha Green Tea is awarded at ANUGA Innovation in Germany. This would be our 3rd innovation distinction!


03   /   06   /   2017

You can now find Coppa della Maga even in the middle of the Indian Ocean - at Reunion Island.

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