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We manufacture all our brands in our own factory, equipped with brand new machines and certified with the highest food industry standard (IFS). Through the careful selection of the best ingredients from around the world and the precise testing and controlling of every small batch we produce, we strive to maintain product excellence and superior quality. 

We take the international innovation recognitions we have received (SIAL Paris 2014, 2016, ANUGA Cologne 2017) as a testimony for the success of our strategy and an obligation to continue working the same uncompromising way.


THE factory

We use processes and put in place control procedures, which are a combination of a mechanised production by state of the art equipment and hand finishing  We believe this is the best way to achieve consistent quality and perfection.



Whether it would be coconut milk from the Philippines, the precious bulgarian rose oil or our pistachios from Sicily, we apply the same meticulous assessment process to choose the best supplier. 


our team

Our small team of dedicated professionals are rather fans of our brands than simply employees. We believe this is the only way to thrive at long working hours and achieve superiour products every time. A human touch has been applied to each product that comes out of our factory!



With the strong belief that healthy food should  also be delicious we are guided from the conception of our brands through our every day work. We believe that no one should sacrifice indulgence for good health and we incorporate that philosophy in all our products. 

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