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Nourish your body, indulge your soul!

Nouri Truffles

sugar free - vegan - gluten free -all natural

All our truffles are vegan, sugar free and gluten free but most certainly not free from temptation.

What's truly great about them is that they are enjoyed by everyone, whether that be those who are health concious, dairy intolerant, vegan or just simply love seriously good tasting sweet snacks! 

They are available in 3 gourgeous flavours, full of superfoods and sweetened with nothing else but fruits.  Recently we have also introduced a luxury gift box of 16 truffles, that includes the very special Sesame, Cardamom and Turmeric truffle.

Besides being healthy, we must stress that nouri truffles are incredibly tasty, which is their main selling point. This is why our brand's slogan is 'Nourish your body, indulge your soul!’

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